[SG] Lower East Side Taqueria | can you take the Mexican heat this Christmas?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Since young, I have always been envious of my friends residing on the East Side of Singapore, particularly the Katong area as they are perpetually surrounded by endless amount of good food! Rejoice if you are an East-Sider as we recently discovered a new gem that opened up in the area that serves authentic Mexican cuisine!

Lower East Side Taqueria is one of the newer additions to the list of established dining spots along the stretch of eateries on the famous East Coast Road. The year-old restaurant-bar seems to be a hit among the locals and expats alike with its offering of hearty meals such as hot tacos and burritos.

What can the Mexican-inspired hot-spot offer us this Christmas?

Offering two Christmas Party Combos, Poultry In Motion (S$26 per person) which includes Angry rib (halved) with cilantro rice & slaw; Ancho with pulled pork sliders; Turkey quesadillas with smoked paprika and cranberry sauce!

The second Christmas Party Combo, Drunken Feast, certainly caters for greater indulgence with added variety of worthy but sinful calories!

Drunken Feast (S$44 per person, min 3 pax)

With a minimum order for at least three pax, do let the chef know if you need the portions catered for say five or six and he would adjust the servings accordingly to make sure he keeps his guests well-fed! 

In terms of the platter, there is the crispy roasted pork with apple jalapenos chutneyribeye chargrilled with chipotle salsa and not forgetting the oven-roasted Chipotle turkey breast served with pineapple and cranberry sauce. The chicken drumlets, chorizo stew burrito with habaneros and Elote (corn on the cob) complete the meal!

The savoury crispy roasted pork was well balanced by the sweetness from the apple jalapenos chutney while the flavours of the beautifully-cooked ribeye were elevated by the acidity of the chipotle salsa. The limelight for any Christmas dinner would have to be the turkey and the tender breast was delicately paired with pineapple and cranberry sauce, dressed to impress indeed.

As part of Chef Claudio's efforts to bring a taste of Mexico to Singapore, he works closely with his suppliers to specially import a range of spicy chillies from Mexico such as habaneros, poblanos and jalapenos, otherwise rare to find among local grocers. 

The drumlets were definitely one of my favourite on the platter. With mustard, pepper, garlic and corn flour forming the batter, the drumlets were further coated with homemade sauce, tomato, sirracha, habanero chillies and Chipotle BBQ sauce before being deep-fried to golden brown delicious! Can you say no to these flavourful darlings?

Chorizo stew burrito with habanero was beautifully grilled and you could still witness those fine grill lines on the wrap. Expect a punch of fiery flavours as you sink in for the first mouthful!

With chillies being an integral part of Mexican cuisine, Lower East Side offers three levels of spicy sauces on the side: Ghost Pepper, Scorpion Pepper, and Ultimate Insanity which would guarantee you to burst in perspiration! Have your hanky ready!

Homemade Horchata | S$6++

Even if you are a master of chillies, be sure to try out the homemade horchata, which is a blend of rice grains, almonds, nuts, cinnamon and touch of condensed milk. It also served as a lovely beverage to not just quench your thirst but to neutralise the heat from the chillies!

With a casual Mexican vibe to the ambience, there was a vibrant display of colours that livened up the restaurant! Apart from the eye-catching centerpiece installation of wooden pallets and chairs intertwined on the ceiling as chandelier, the staffs were really friendly and approachable so feel free to ask for recommendations!

Overall Verdict: 7.5/10

Lower East Side
19 East Coast Road

P.S. Special thanks to Shauna for the invitation and Lower East Side for having us!
P.P.S. Photos were taken with Nikon D750, with much thanks to Nikon Singapore! 

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