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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Stirling is quite a new face along the familiar Cheong Chin Nam Road located at Upper Bukit Timah. Interestingly, the restaurant was named after Stirling Road, an area where the twin brothers and owners grew up. While most night owls would find comfort in late night suppers at Al-Ameen and Al-Azhar, the famous stretch of eateries is fast transforming into a district where people hang out to see and be seen.

For our family, the area is a popular weekend spot whenever we run out of dining options! Returning on a rainy afternoon, we checked out Stirling, a new local bar and grill that offers Western cuisine with a specialisation in charcoal grills.

Bacon wrapped asparagus | S$11/+

Streaks of bacon wrapped the pencil-thin asparagus while finely-diced capsicum and sun-dried tomato provided the variation in texture and of course, flavours of the tropics. While I usually enjoy my asparagus to be thick with a crisp crunch, the savoury streaks of bacon took centrepiece for the dish with its dominating flavours. The deliciously grilled bacon carried some lovely crust edges which always bribes my palate.

Grilled Halloumi Salad | S$9/+

Featured as one of the house's signature starters, the lovely Hallumi, a semi-hard brined cheese made from a mixture of goat's milk and cow's milk, was grilled and tossed amidst a bed of capsicum salsa, baby spinach and tomatoes. It was a clever choice of the cheese which has a much higher melting point compared to most, which allowed the grill to elevate its fragrance. 

Grilled Watermelon | S$12/+

Personally, I was cynical about having grilled watermelon for starter but since it was recommended as another of the house's favourites, we thought it was too good to pass. Freshly sliced watermelon were grilled till roast-sweet, the flavours were harmoniously balanced by the salinity of the parma melon. Expect a clean palate finishing with the rocket salad that complements the dish.

Stirling Slider | S$2/+

If you are a fan of sliders, do not let this slip by as this was easily one of my favourites from the meal. Be sure to add a couple of sliders in your orders as these are perfect to munch over a pint of beer while waiting for your mains! For two bucks, it would really be a struggle to fault the minced beef patty cooked to perfection with a slight pinkish centre, sandwiched between the sliced cheddar cheese and garlic aoli. 

Sirloin Steak Burger | S$19/+

The charcoal grilled Sirloin steak was served with Jack Daniel's infused shitake mushrooms. Do we really need to say more other than it comes with paprika fries too. With the steak cooked to a desired medium rare, my only complaint was that the gravy caused the bun to be slightly soggy despite it being freshly toasted.

Delicieux Duck Breast | S$25/+

With the duck breast specially imported from France, the pan-seared red meat was served with creamy truffle mushroom, pencil asparagus and oven baked baby potatoes. With the breast meat almost fully cooked through, it was slightly too stiff for me though the flavours impressed, especially with the tangerine slice which introduced an element of acidity to clean my palate. The golden-brown baby potatoes were also perfectly baked to add a dimension of texture with the crusty edges.

Crispy King Salmon | S$23/+

'Comfort food' were the two words that came to mind when we sliced through the crispy skin coating the pan-seared salmon fillet and enjoyed it with the creamy dill, leak sauce. The textures were spot-on and the presentation gorgeous, rightfully completed with a perfectly cooked fillet. Another plate please, we say!

Signature Sirloin Steak | S$35/+

Don't they always say, save the best for the last? With a choice of the Sirloin or Ribeye for the house's signature steaks, there was everything to savour. Our Sirloin steak was treated with utmost respect as it was charcoal grilled slowly before the chef cranked up the heat intensely to finish off. Topped with avocado butter and served with truffle fries, the alcohol-infused sauteed mix vegetables was a divine match for the master dish. The medium-rare steak easily won a thumbs-up from the diners at the table.

Classic Nutella Crepe | S$6/+

The freshly made warm crepe had a luscious spread of Nutella which made it almost impossible to resist. Served with vanilla ice cream and covered with Ferrero Rocher shavings, be prepared for some hazelnut decadence.

Tantalising Tiramisu | S$8/+

The coffee-flavoured Italian dessert is no stranger to foodies but I was slightly disappointed given the rather high standards set by the enjoyable mains. While the creamy rendition to the Italian dessert might please the palate of some, it lacked depth in flavours from both the caffeine and alcohol elements.

Muddy Mud Pie | S$8/+

Vanilla ice cream, marshmallow, oreo cookie chunks and chocolate sauce, I think we got ourselves an easy winner for those with a sweet-tooth.

Swee trying out the new Nikon D750

When it comes to grills, we cannot think of a better accompaniment than a pint of beer! Stirling serves draught beer exclusively from Archipelago Brewery.

Apart from the affordable and quality food served, Stirling organises live band performances on a quarterly basis where diners can enjoy their meals with ongoing live music! With a cosy setting, the place was thoughtfully decorated to make it a convenient spot for families, friends and even couples who are in search of a romantic date. 

While we were more impressed with the savoury dishes, the desserts had its fair share of hits and misses. With gourmet coffee and cold beer to choose from, we are looking forward to our next visit to Stirling already!

These photos were taken with Nikon D750, with thanks to Nikon Singapore!

Overall Verdict: 7.5/10

15 Cheong Chin Nam Road
Singapore 599739
Tel: (+65) 6469 9096
Website: www.stirling.sg

P.S: Special thanks to Desmond and Kelvin for the invite and Stirling for having us!

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