[SG] Maison Kayser (Paris) - Singapore Part II

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Following our first visit to Maison Kayser almost a month ago during their opening, we figured they would have settled down now and the quality of products should be consistent. With one of the best reviews I had ever furnished for any eatery during my last visit, it was no surprise that I held high expectations.

Business seemed brisk compared to a month ago where they had not received as much publicity. We observed that there was a constant stream of customers from nearby shops and offices which came for take-away orders. With a simple layout unlike the elaborate decorations at Paul (bakery and restaurant), it certainly set a more casual relaxed atmosphere in this quiet corner of Scotts Square.

Before I continue, I reiterate that one should start by 'appreciating its colour, gently press a slice to your nose to experience its crispy touch and crust, the smoothness and perfume of the bread itself. Only then take a bite, and feel its texture and flavors develop in your mouth'. This is indeed the crux of how one should enjoy their deli. For more details about their fermentation and production process, please refer to my first post.

Collection of the pastries was self-service (No service charge was imposed anyway) and after I had made the payment, I was offered a variety of other bread to try. Before I could extend out to fetch a piece, the server kindly placed them on our plates and thoughtfully placed 2 pieces of each item for us to taste.

Pain Au Raisins Noix - apple, walnut, raisins, honey fillings (S3.70/-)

(+) The crust was crisp and it was very fragrant, exuding the richness of fruits and the wholemeal bread.
(+) Like the rest of their bread, ingredients were generous.
(+) Chunks of walnut which was crunchy and tasted fresh. (Not the stale soft types)
(+) Raisins were juicy and succulent.
(+) Being a wholemeal bread, it was relatively dense but the natural sweetness from the natural fermentation and fresh ingredients was more than alluring for the next bite.

(-) Could not taste much of the honey to know of its existence as an ingredient.

Verdict: 7.5/10

Pain Aux Yuzu (S$3.30/-)

Yuzu is a citrus fruit that many Japanese endeared to their recipes to give that refreshing zest to their food. Recently, we had our first experience with the Salty Yuzu flavoured ice cream at Tom's Palette, so I did some research on this fruit. Thought to be a hybrid between sour mandarins and lchang papeda, it is a very aromatic fruit with strong flavours.

(+) Strong waft of citrus aroma hits you as soon as you tear the bread apart.
(+) Natural sweetness from fermentation enhanced by a refreshing tinge of zest from yuzu.
(+) Traditional wholemeal bread was soft on the inside with an interesting blend of flavour.
(+) Very crisp and well baked crust coupled with soft bread was a delight to the palette.

Verdict: 8.0/10

Ananas Coco - Pineapple and Coconut (S$3.75/-)

(+) A very exotic and interesting blend of flavours infused into a white bread.
(+) Delectable pieces of naturally sweetened pineapple chunks that maintained moisture.
(+) A fluffy bread from compared to the wholemeal loaves.
(+) Particularly enjoyed the natural sweetness of the fruit and its fermentation process.

(-) Sadly, the crust was not crisp enough. Might have been left for a tad longer on the shelf.
(-) Could barely taste the coconut element though it exuded a faint fragrance.

Verdict: 7.0/10

Baguette Monge (S4.10/-)

Nothing could beat a freshly baked baguette from the oven. Overheard the staff saying that it would take 25mins before the next batch of baguettes were ready, so we patiently waited while enjoying our treat.

(+) Very crispy crust and well baked.
(+) Pockets of air filled the interior of the bread which gave the baguette a light feeling.
(+) The soft bread contrasted starkly with the crisp crust and melted in the mouth literally.
(+) Next time you get to taste a freshly baked baguette, try tearing a small portion and leave it in your mouth (do not chew it) and you will understand what I meant. The soft bread literally melted leaving you to enjoy the crisp crust.
(+) Total freshness when the warm waft of fragrance hit you in the face.
(+) Was so fragrant that I could smell through the bag (for the leftover)
(+) When I had the leftover for breakfast the next morning, it was still tasty, despite the crust softening to a rather malleable texture.

Being a huge fan of baguettes, especially freshly baked ones, this was definitely cream of the crop. Considering how I used to wait for fresh baguettes at Provence Bakery at Holland Village to get my fix, I might have found a new place yet. That being said, my rave for their baguette was based on a freshly baked stick, so please pardon any discrepancies that you might have from my gourmet experience.

Verdict: 9.5/10

Tarte Citron (S4.70/-)

Considering how good their Brazilia Tarte was when we tried during the last visit, it would be heinous not to try one of their signature items, the lemon tart. It was a 'love or hate' relationship with this exquisite tart, simple it might look, but the burst of flavours was definitely mind-blowing. For someone with a sharp taste, especially towards sour food, I could not stop myself from a 2nd helping.

(+) Very STRONG citrus flavour and I could not emphasize more. 
(+) The freshness of the lemons knocked me back instantly at the first bite.
(+) Sourness from the fresh lemons used was subtly soothed by a light sweet aftertaste.
(+) The filling was very soft, almost custard like, accompanied by a thin hard crust, perfect.
(+) The standard of their tarts' crusts maintained at benchmark level, drawing comparison from the tart we had at our last visit.
(+) Drizzle of crystallized fragments of lime/lemon gave a slight crunch to the soft filling.
(+) Overall, the varied mouthfeel was very wholesome and the tart was sublime.

Verdict: 9.0/10

The standard of Maison Kayser's pastries and bread alike were definitely of high quality and kept at a benchmark. Reasonably priced for the fine ingredients and suiting a delight to my palette anytime, I would definitely drop by for  some take-away before leaving for UK.

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