[UK] Carluccio's Olio Novello

Friday, January 27, 2012

If you are a fan of fresh olive oil, you would certainly love this bottle of Olio Novello which we picked up from Carluccio's yesterday evening. Freshly harvested, pressed and bottled within 24 hours, each bottle is hand-labelled and scribbled 'Olio Novello'. With only 2,000 bottles to go around, we managed to get bottle no. 28!

Unraveling the seal, you would be greeted with an instant fresh fruity aroma of the olive oil, that would be set to invigorate your senses. Typically enjoyed with balsamic vinegar and herbs (such as fresh basil, thyme, oregano and even rosemary) like the Italians would, we prefer it on its own. Simply dab slices of a rustic loaf in a saucer and enjoy the natural flavours!

Alternatively, one might wish to enjoy the olive oil by grinding in some black peppercorn and/or crushed garlic just to enhance the fragrance and give a burst to the flavours. If this seemed too strong for you, try it with 'Lurpak Spreadable Lightest' butter or Parmesan cheese for that mild saline aftertaste..mmmm.

Whatever it is, just do not forget your pot of tea or a cup of strong full-bodied fresh brew!

Available at all Carluccio's outlets or order online

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