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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Perhaps one of those that make it to the list when you speak of coffee or brunch places these days, Loysel's has been quite a popular spot, seeing how it's packed even on a rainy morning that we went on.

Known for having one of the best coffees in town, and having such a nice cosy space, it's no wonder that more people are flocking to this quiet little cafe. Situated right next to the Kallang river (though you can't really see it with the bushes around), it feels quite like a mini getaway from the usual skyscrapers and busyness of life. After hearing so much hype about the place, did Loysel's manage to meet our expectations?

Loysel's Lemon Tart ($4.20)

This sure looked tempting, with its golden brown crust and rich yellow lemon curd. Flowing out almost immediately while cutting it open, I liked how smooth it was, and having a refreshing sour taste at first bite, then leaving a sweet after taste. A strong lemon taste yet wasn't overpowering and was pretty addictive. I would have preferred the tart being more crumbly to complement the dessert better, and perhaps more buttery to have that richer tart taste.

Nom Factor: 7.0/10 

Eggs Ben ($12)

I was surprised to see the rather small serving they had for eggs ben. Served on toast instead of the traditional muffins, it was slightly over toasted that made it too hard, not the kind with just a crisp outside and warm soft insides. Just about to be satisfied with it passing the eggs ben test, I was disappointed to find that it was quite over-poached, with a whole layer of cooked yolk lining the sides (on the right not shown in the picture). Coming to the hollandaise sauce, I thought it was quite a generous amount they gave, but would have preferred a richer version of it, with it being slightly more buttery. The redeeming factor came with the bacon accompanying the dish, and well, bacon just makes everything a notch better. Not a dish worth your calories, in my opinion, as you can easily get better quality eggs ben elsewhere. 

Nom Factor: 6.0/10

Sesame and Chestnut Cake

I thought this was quite an interesting combination and was quite excited as to what this combined flavour would taste like. It was, to our disappointment, that it simply tasted like a plain old sesame cake.  Though a little too dry for my liking, the sesame taste wasn't overpoweringly rich that makes you feel jelat after a while. It wasn't a bad one, just that it would have been better off being just a sesame cake rather than raising our expectations. Not exactly wow, but still a decent one. 

Nom Factor: 7.0/10

Breakfast Pancakes (with sausages and scrambled egg)

It came to us looking dull and thick, sending our expectations crashing already. Indeed, it was too dense and thick, and it was just slightly warm, as though it had been reheated instead of freshly made in-house. Though it was the centrepiece, it just wasn't worth the calories trying to finish it. It got a bit dull after a while and it was just filling stomach space instead of enjoying it. Quite a no-go for us!

Pancakes with strawberries ($10)

Well, pretty much the same set of pancakes with variation in its toppings. 

Nom Factor: 5.5/10

Pain Au Chocolat

It was quite a huge piece and looked pretty appetising to us. A first taste of it, and I must say this has been one of the most disappointing pain au chocolate I've tried so far. Instead of any hint of fluffy pastry that I was expecting, this tasted more like bread than anything else. It lacked the flakiness and fluffiness in any french pastries and was pretty stale. Not sure if it was a one-off occurrence or the usual standards but this had definitely failed to make the mark. 

Nom Factor: 3.0/10 

Soy Latte ($4)

What's coming to Loysel's without a cup of coffee? Rich flavour yet rounded such that it doesn't leave a strongly bitter aftertaste, it left my friend gladly satisfied. 

Mocha ($4.50)

A pretty coffee art is a battle half won. And especially after taking a coffee workshop trying my hands on making coffee art, it's definitely tough being a barista these days, with increased expectations of coffee art from cafe go-ers. It tasted a little too bitter for me, with it stemming from the chocolate rather than the coffee taste. Would have preferred a stronger coffee flavour in this blend though!

Loved the overall ambience of the place, and it's definitely great for gatherings or chilling out sessions. However, with the dishes we've tried, I probably wouldn't return for a second visit. 

Overall Nom Factor: 5.5/10
66 Kampong Bugis
Singapore 338987

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