[SG] The Sushi Bar

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A small casual dining area behind Func Deko at Far East Plaza, this is another one of those hidden finds. I was quite surprised to spot queues at this 'ulu' corner and thankfully for reservations, we managed to get our seats right upon reaching.

Sirloin Steak ($14.90, 100gm)

Thinly sliced and cooked to medium rare just as how I typically like my steak to be, this was quite an appetising dish. The steak was tender enough and it actually went very well with the fish roe and the sauces they gave. It was however, a little too chewy for my liking, and I thought it was quite pricey for such a small dish!

Nom Factor: 7.0/10

Ebi Fry Temaki ($3.90)

An above average dish of ebi maki that has got a crunchy ebi breaded in a thin layer, wrapped in a maki together with fish roe. I loved the textures presented and that the ebi was of a pretty decent freshness. It retained the natural sweetness of prawns and had a slight bounce to it. The seaweed wrap was a little too sticky though, and I would have preferred it with less rice to it. 

Nom Factor: 7.5/10

Soft Shell Crab Salmon Aburi Roll ($15.90)

This was an uncanny resemblance to the Crappy Maki I've tried at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar. I'm not a fan of raw sashimi, but I must say this aburi (partly grilled and partly raw) salmon was done really well! The salmon was sliced to the right thickness such that after grilling, it was just a thin layer of raw portion and I liked the balance of it. The one at Koh was slightly too raw for my liking due to the thicker slab of swordfish belly used.

As for the maki itself, I like the textures of soft avocado with the crispy soft shell crab combined. However, I felt that the portion of soft shell crab was too small and it didn't feel like the star of the dish. There was slightly too much rice as well, and well having tried the Crappy Maki, I was pretty sold on having fish roe to go along with the dish. 

Nom Factor: 7.5/10

Wafu Spaghetti ($10.90)

It definitely didn't look appetising with the lacklustre colour, and seeing how creamy it was kinda turned me off initially as I thought it'd be a 'jelat' dish. Much to my surprise as I took on the first mouthful, it was a rich and smooth base with angel hair pasta and a slight crunch after mixing in the fish roe. It was quite an interesting combination but I probably wouldn't be able to enjoy it on my own with such strong flavours. I reckon that it probably wouldn't taste as good if it were to be used with the usual spaghetti or linguine pasta. Great choice of angel hair so it won't get too 'jelat' and of course, best to be a shared dish!

Nom Factor: 7.0/10

It was kinda hard for me not to compare it with Koh Grill & Sushi Bar after having tried it recently and some similar dishes. Overall, I felt that this was just an alright place and probably not worth it given the pretty steep prices. There wasn't really a signature must-try dish that was worth the queue and most of it was just average. Service, though, was excellent and the service crew was extremely attentive which helped make our dining experience a whole lot better. Not a place to go specially for sushi, but probably good for satisfying some cravings. 

Overall Nom Factor: 7.0/10
14 Scotts Road
#03-89 Far East Plaza

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