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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Third stop in our trail, after filling our tummies with Datouxia and Laneway Market, Do.Main was located just down the street, catching our attention with the bread loaves on display.

Helmed by veterans in the pastry industry, Do.Main Bakery is run by the previous CEO of At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy, and French native Chef Deshayes who had developed all pastry programmes and taught at At-Sunrice for the past 9 years. Given such accolades, it is no wonder that we were greeted by a whiff of heavenly freshly baked pastries and a kitchen that seemed bigger than the seating area.

Named Do.Main to sound like dough and main, which means hands in French, it serves to remind of the two most important elements in baking. Using the finest ingredients, it's also reflected in its slightly steeper prices, but the love for pastries took the better of us and we left the ordering to our stomachs' calling again! 

Looking at the display leaves us spoilt for choice and when undecided, always listen to the service staff's recommendations.

Millefeuille Jivara (S$8)

With the use of Valrhona Jivara, the milky chocolate paired with the crunchy base reminded us of the all-time favourite Rocher. I enjoyed the nutty flavour to it and this would make for a perfect dessert if only we weren't that full after hopping over from Laneway Market a few doors down.

White Coffee (S$8)

We happened to catch this chef's special, and decided to give it a shot. The layers of textures were a delight to my palates, though I would have preferred a stronger coffee taste in it. I liked how each layer came together with the creme for a well-balanced piece be it in terms of taste or texture. 

Cream Puff (S$5)

Having tried the one at Pantler, and my personal comfort puff at Dulcet & Studio, this small studded piece caught my eye immediately. With its firm swirls standing tall, I liked that it wasn't too sweet and the crust gave a sharp contrast to the smooth cream. While it was a pleasantly decent mouthful of goodness, I wasn't too sure if I'm willing to fork out $5 for this small little gem. 

Bourdaloue Tart (S$5)

An unexpected winner of the day turned out to be this unassuming pear tart. Light and refreshing, it was a comforting slice with all the flavours hitting the right notes. The pear slices were lightly sweetened and perfectly complemented by the almond base, it certainly took the stress of our palates after several heavy meals! If there's just one thing your stomach can fit, have this!

Croissant (S$2.80)

Croissants are the way to melt my heart, best if they're the buttery type with a flaky crust and slightly chewy insides. This was an absolute hit with me, with approving ticks for all and seeing the fluffy layers with a stretch within while pulling it apart! 

While our bellies can barely stomach any more, this will make it to our list for repeated visits. The bread and danish seemed like a good lure, and of course, the Bourdaloue Tart which we'll be back for! Still pretty packed when we dropped by at around 3plus, it might be a good idea to drop by for takeaways or slightly later at 4ish when we left and spotted a few empty tables.

Overall Verdict: 8.0/10

Do.Main Bakery
226 Tanjong Katong Road 
Singapore 437015

Tel: 6348 1406

P.S. Photos were taken with D750, thanks to Nikon Singapore!

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