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Friday, March 06, 2015

Next on our food trail to the east, following from our first stop at Datouxia, was supposedly Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar, but sadly they've ran out of waffles just after their first serving! We'd reached there at about 12.45pm, so if you wanna give that a shot, be sure to be there before they even open at 12! 

Anyway, we decided to head over to Tanjong Katong area, scouting for new places to visit! Hidden in the corner beside Bee Cheng Hiang, is one cosy quiet area which stood out with its clean minimalist design.  

While having zero cravings, we decided to go with their recommendations and had the two mains as follows.

Pulled Pork Sandwich | S$19

Possibly what you'll be seeing all over their Instagram, a signature to order when you're here. Having had a pretty impressive one at GÆST, I had rather high expectations given that it's on their recommendation. While the pulled pork was a decent one, paired with the fresh crunch of the red cabbage, the buns were a disappointment. Too soft that it soaked up the sauce from the mains, it became soggy by the time you're reaching the end, and the sweetness of the bread came too close with the coleslaw that made it a tad too sweet and one-dimensional for its taste. The portion of truffle fries came to the rescue though, with a decent dose of truffle taste in it, and remain crisp with every piece.

Scrambled Eggs | S$15

This was something that I probably wouldn't think of ordering if not for the fact that they'd recommended it. And we were thankful that we've given it a shot! An unassuming-looking dish, it gave rise to the smoothest scrambled eggs one could ask for. While some on the table didn't like the taste of milk in it, its silky texture was to my liking. Again, more could have been done with the slice of bread accompanying, but I shan't be so critical with the smooth silky eggs I've got. 

Sea Salt Chocolate | S$6

Taking a break from your usual coffee, have a shot of this for something to excite your taste buds. The combination of sea salt and chocolate might not sound very appetizing but it was an acquired taste which I'd enjoyed after a few sips. It was solid strong chocolate, with a tinge of savouriness so that it doesn't get too overwhelming. 

Spacious with friendly staff who are always willing to help, it's a good spot to chill out over the weekend. We liked that portions were pretty generous and all prices were nett, leaving us feeling super full when this was only our second stop for the day! Still pretty new, I sure hope they'll be making some tweaks to their recipes especially for their buns!

Overall Verdict: 7.0/10

Laneway Market
266 Tanjong Katong Road 
Singapore 437053

P.S. Photos were taken with D750, with thanks to Nikon Singapore! 

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  1. Pathetic all day breakfast and sandwich at Laneway Market.

    Not unless you want to pay $12 for a slice of Gardenia style wholemeal toast cut into 2 triangles topped with tasteless scrambled eggs, few thin slices of mushroom, slivers of so called caramelised onions and 2 small sausages that seems to be supermarket bought.
    Imagine $15 for reheated dry roasted chicken chunks sandwiched between 2 slices of Gardenia style wholemeal bread and served with skinny fries that's overwhelmed with truffle oil. Topped it all with semi rotting salad leaves. Thanks but no thanks, Laneway Market never again. .!