[SG] Strictly Pastry | old school goodness in Joo Chiat

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

After our first round of desserts at Do.Main Bakery, we decided to walk off those calories for our second round / fourth stop for the day. Just down the street from Rochor Thai, it's easy to miss out on this gem with the vibrancy of the area and a dark shop front that seemed to blend into the background. Stepping in gives a vibe like no other, greeted with a very Chinese-looking traditional signboard, with old-school Chinese songs playing in the background, vintage sewing machines as tables, and a long table of goodies in the middle.

However, don't be mistaken by their seemingly Chinese touch, what they really sell is Western pastries and interestingly, I like how they give different items a personified name and a 'character' to it.

The display counter was just very simple, yet being the indecisive us, it took a while before we managed to settle our orders.

Too much goodies to feast on! 

Old-school sewing machines as tables, with very limited seating available

Ugly Sue (S$3)

The highlight of any trip here has got to be this! Ugly as it seems, it packs a beauty within with its complex textures comprising of meringue, light passion fruit mousse, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries! A berry lover like me fell in love with this given how light it was, with its sweetness well complemented by the slight sour tinge from the berries. A piece of beauty that you'll never tire of! 

Fraiche (S$7)

Yet another for the strawberry fans, this sounds like the perfect piece with strawberry mousse, fresh diced strawberries, chiffon sponge, chocolate feuilletine for that added crunch and creme fraiche for a richer taste. The collapsing cake served was a huge disappointment for me already, and I'd found the cream slightly too dense for my liking. I would have preferred a stronger strawberry flavour though I certainly enjoyed the textures of the layers for a fluffy, crunchy, creamy mix!

Matcha Tee-soo (S$8) 

Slightly pricey for this small cup, it was due to the alcohol content in it. With green tea-infused sake, it added a nice touch different from the usual Kahlúa you get from tiramisu. I loved the right balance of cream and sponge, and it was just moist enough. Proceed with caution though, as the matcha powder generously sprinkled on top might be a little choking. One of my few favourite matcha desserts found!

Island Balm Cooler (S$5)

With guava, fig and honey, this was quite a unique thirst-quencher for the hot weather. The clever use of fig gave a twist to the otherwise familiar taste, with an added depth to each sip. Interesting combination if you're looking out for something adventurous!

Cappuccino (S$6) 

While there was no latte art and what seemed like an ordinary cup of mehh coffee, this woke me up with it bitter after-kick. It was quite an acquired taste but I ended up enjoying the milkiness of it upon the first encounter, then having the bitterness of it kicking in. The accompanying butter cookies were a real gem, especially if you're a fan of really buttery ones! I could finish a bottle of it anytime! 

A lovely ambience and very patient staff who gave us recommendations and waited for us to make up our minds, we left with our sweet tooth satisfied. We went on a weekend late afternoon, and was pleasantly surprised to have the entire space to ourselves. A really nice place to chill and while the day away as you indulge in some old school Chinese songs, I'm likely to be back again for their Ugly Sue and Tee-Soo!

Overall Verdict: 8.0/10

Strictly Pastry
267 Joo Chiat Road 
Singapore 427521
Tel: 6348 8837 

P.S. Photos were taken with D750, thanks to Nikon Singapore!

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