[SG] Dojo | delectable and affordable pork burgers in CBD area

Monday, November 24, 2014

If you're searching for new lunch options to check out around Raffles Place, this has got to make it to your list. Along Circular Road, this month-old burger bistro serves a pork-themed menu with interesting combinations for your ever-changing cravings!

A twist in the use of dim sum baskets, representing the fusion of flavours where East meets West. Named Dojo, where it is the typical formal training place for Japanese martial arts, the owners wanted to reflect the principles to the way they serve their food - with commitment and discipline. Committed to serving the best, with discipline to uphold the excellence. 

Little Dragon ($12/-, comes with a drink and fries) 
Grilled pork steak, lettuce, tomatoes and melted cheese

The only item on the menu with an entire piece of pork steak instead of minced pork patty, this was quite a popular one where it gets sold out on some occasions. Well-marinated with a classic combination, this was pretty hard to go wrong. 

Hadoken ($13/-, comes with a drink and fries)
Pork patty with spicy chili meat sauce, diced onions, cheese and crunchy strips of bacon

A saucier version with minced pork patty, well complemented with bacon strips that was hard to resist. While we loved the name of this, we thought this could come with a spicier punch! 

Sumo ($13/-, comes with a drink and fries)
Pork patty with roasted sesame dressing, crispy batter-fried pork belly topped with crunchy salad 

Probably one of our favourites amongst the burgers, this was as big as it sounds. While unable to down everything in a bite, get a bit of everything in a mouthful for the varied textures with the juicy patty, crispy bacon (slurps) and a refreshing crunch of the salad. While bacons are irresistible to us, crispy bacon has got to be the bomb! 

Chilli Cheese Fries ($6/-, option to top up S$2 for your set to upgrade) 

Being more on the American side of chili, it was sweeter and a tad like Bolognese sauce. If you're looking for stronger flavours, this would be it with the cheese atop. 

Pork Grillets ($6/-)
Grilled pork steak served with honey mustard

Too good for sharing, this is a must-order when you come Dojo. In bite-sized cubes that make it easier to pop, this was so addictive with well-marinated pieces and a right amount of fats for that juicy touch! 

Komba Bao ($6/- for 2 pcs)
Braised pork belly with fried mantou 

And another clear winner for the day has to be these, with savoury pork belly tucked neatly between those crisp fried mantou like what you dip in chili crab sauces! It was also thoughtfully made to be smaller sized so that it didn't get messy eating it, like what you usually get with all its filling dropping all over. Our only gripe? We didn't get enough of these! 

We loved that everything was in nett prices, with its self-service concept. After placing your orders, all you have to do is proceed to the collection area to get one of those baskets with everything in it. And there's always takeaway available if you're looking for a quick lunch at your desk.  

Self-collection area 

With its affordable price point and addictive Komba Bao, you'll probably be seeing us for repeat visits! 

Overall Verdict: 8.0/10

72 Circular Road 
Singapore 049426

P.S. Much thanks to Desmond and Kelvin for inviting us and Michael for hosting!

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