[SG] Market Place at Raffles City | spotting a fresh new look!

Friday, November 14, 2014

For those who frequent the Raffles City Shopping Centre, you would be familiar with the Market Place supermarket located at the basement level. Recently reopened spotting a fresh new look, one can expect a more spacious and comfortable grocery shopping experience!

With a newly introduced 'Food to Go' range which offers pre-marinated meats for a simple meal at home, there are also sandwiches and even ready-to-munch desserts!

Reminding us of our university school days where such chilled sandwiches were life-savers, it was a fond sight to spot them on the shelves. With an array of choices and salads with its complementing dips, one can even purchase cooked meals such as butter chicken bento, Thai green chicken curry bento and even Italian pasta bento at an affordable S$6.50. All you really need is the microwave machine in your pantry and some 150 seconds of your time, 'ding', good to go!

Specially catered for the busy office crowd or if you are feeling too tired to get into the kitchen after work, grab some freshly cut fruits to complement a hearty meal!

I also like the new arrangement of the food items where the lovely colours of the fresh fruits were arranged to attract customers visually!

For the health conscious, head over to the 'Make Your Own Salad' counter where customers can mix-and-match salads with their choice of toppings and dressings. Starting from just S$4.99/-, you can get your nutritional fix with the likes of beetroot and sundried tomatoes. Do not forget some smoked salmon or even roast beef for a protein kick.

If you prefer some hot food, move sideways to the BBQ and Pizza counters and indulge in an array of delectable choices such as crispy pork belly and fresh from the oven pizzas!

The Japanese section of the supermarket is no stranger to most and the 'Ready to Eat' section has also expanded to offer sashimi, sushi, bento boxes and cold soba!

Have you ever wondered what sets the fresh seafood corner at Market Place apart from your usual wet markets? Apart from its quality offering, you would almost definitely not smell of the usual fishy wet market stench that would appal most customers. Well, the trick lies in the simple fact that the ice is replaced frequently and more importantly the freshness of the seafood!

For those who enjoy their oysters, you can even call in to your nearest Market Place and reserve a platter and bring home to enjoy with some champagne. Conveniently located at the fresh seafood corner, you can even request for all your oysters to be shucked so all you need is to slurp it all down after a pinch of the lemon and perhaps a few drops of the tabasco!

Interestingly, we were introduced to these finger limes, which packed a punch of citrus flavours and acidity with each mouthful. As you gently squeezed the fingers, you could expect these translucent beads which went surprisingly well with the freshly shucked oysters!

For the busy home cooks, there is a range of pre-marinated meat items ready for a hassle-free meal. These range from seasoned kebabs, steaks, burger patties to chicken cutlets like the one we tried!

For the food connoisseurs, there is a carefully curated selection of epicurean indulgences at the new 'Food of the World' section where customers can now get their artisanal aged balsamic vinegar from Italy or dried premium mushrooms from Germany!

Among the other supermarkets in Singapore, Market Place offers one of the largest range of wine collection and they are all neatly arranged by the different types, red, white wine, champagne, etc.

I was never quite a fan of frozen desserts until I tried these! A simple and fuss-free treat which needs just 45 minutes of thawing time, pop some bite-sized calories-worthy cakes! Perfect for any celebratory gathering or just a night to indulge!

With an increasing demand for health food products, Market Place has also launched a new initiative by introducing a 'Wellness' section that provide for essentials such as organic grains and low-GI snacks. Well, in particular, this yogurt-pretzel was a clear favourite with just the right level of sweetness, making it a must-have snack for everyone and not just the health conscious!

It is great to learn that they are keeping up with changing consumers' lifestyles to introduce innovative food ideas and more importantly to uphold a pleasant grocery shopping experience!

Raffles City Market Place
252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103 

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