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Monday, November 17, 2014

Surrounded by plenty of good food in Singapore, it would be fair to say that we sometimes take for granted the establishments around us. Homegrown brand, Toast Box is but one perfect example as we celebrated the opening of their 100th store worldwide!

It brought back memories of our days living and working in Hong Kong. When the craving for kaya arises, there was no better way than to head for Toast Box for a quick fix and since then, we started appreciating their offerings a lot better. 

Established since 2005 in Singapore, Toast Box endeavours to promote our traditional Nanyang Kopi culture and this was reflected in their latest 100th outlet at Shaw House. Styled after the 70s, the interior design of the outlet took after the look and feel of old traditional bakeries with a specialty counter offering freshly baked old-school bread and pastries. 

Photo credit: Toast Box

We can also look forward to a more consistent cup of fresh brew as Toast Box embarks on a sustainability programme for the coffee farming trade by partnering plantations in Malaysia and China. With its own roasting lab at Breadtalk's IHQ building, specially selected raw coffee beans are roasted according to strict requirements to ensure consistency in Toast Box's coffee. From 1 to 7 Dec 2014, Toast Box will be hosting a campaign on their Facebook page, and five pairs of fans would be selected to enjoy an exclusive 1.5-hour coffee appreciation workshop at the new roasting lab!

Filled with various celebratory activities, we also witnessed live sand animation for the first time! 

And of course, an exemplary display of coffee-making!

From the bakery, one can expect old-school favourites such as Bo Luo buns (S$1.20/-) or the Char Siew Bo Luo (S$1.60/-), characterised by its meringue-like crust.

Golden Lava Egg Tart | S$1.60/-

Mochi Egg Tart | S$1.60/-

Reinvention is taken to the next level as Toast Box introduces egg tarts (S$1.60/each) that have indifferent pairings to the otherwise traditional sweet custard such as savoury salted egg, shredded coconut and the Taiwan-imported mochi, offering variation in textures and tastes.

The traditional kaya bread (S$3.60 for six) is also influenced by the Western norms of baking with a buttery Danish bread topping while the inside is filled with Toast Box's signature Hainanese kaya spread.

Looking for something healthy or nutritious? Topped with six seeds and grains, the Sunflower Pulut Hitam (S$1.20/-) bread impresses with white and black sesame, oats, pumpkin, flax and sunflower seeds while the inside is packed rich with black glutinous rice and Japanese sweet potato.

In conjunction with the 100th outlet opening, Toast Box is also introducing a new 'Kopi Card' which serves as a smart card for customers to redeem their kopi or teh with a tap of the card. The 'Toast Box Kopi Card' will be officially launched on 22 Nov 2014 and customers can purchase the card at S$18.80 which will allow them to enjoy 12 cups of kopi or teh at the price of just S$1.40/cup, translating to savings in excess of S$4.80! Apart from the limited edition smart card, customers can enjoy a further 10% discount for subsequent top-ups till 31 Mar 2015.

Photo Credit: Toast Box

Apart from the launch of the 'Toast Box Kopi Card', customers can enjoy their coffee at the convenience and comfort of their homes and offices with the 2-in-1 Kopi-O, which marks a unique balance of coffee blend and sugar. These are priced at S$7.80 for a pack of 20 sachets.

For a limited time only from 22 Nov to 31 Dec 2014, customers can purchase both the 2-in-1 Kopi-O and Kopi Card at a discounted rate of S$22.60 instead of S$26.60.

Last but not least, on 22 Nov 2014 itself, Toast Box will be giving away 100 pieces of the new Kopi Card with a stored value of S$18.80 to the first 100 customers who spend a minimum of S$10 at Toast Box Shaw House!

Toast Box
Shaw House, 350 Orchard Road
Singapore 238868
Tel: (+65) 6235 5354
Website: http://www.toastbox.com.sg/index.html

P.S: Special thanks to Hsian Ming for the invitation and the team for being such a great host! 

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