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Friday, November 21, 2014

For many desk-bound office ladies and even the gents, healthy lunches are almost a no-brainer. For those who work in the CBD, you would be familiar with the queues at salad stalls or eateries that present 'healthier' dining options.

As we live to eat and make our calories count, we focus largely on quality ingredients as we believe that natural flavours should always be allowed to shine. Captivated by the name, Foodology Fresh, it was insightful to learn that various items of the menu fulfil five health categories, primarily vegetarian, lactose, gluten and trans-fat free.

Across the road from Maxwell Food Centre, Foodology Fresh is conveniently located at URA Centre and offers a self-serve concept for its customers to choose and customise their own meals.

Starting from S$7 for the mains which include salads, sandwiches and wraps, one can enjoy an additional slice of quiche, muffin or soup by just topping up S$3!

Brown rice & pomegranate salad | S$7.5/-

With an array of salads to choose from, this particularly caught my attention. Labelled vegetarian, sugar, lactose, gluten and trans-fat free, we were curious to find out if this could actually taste good. To our surprise, after trying the other salads such as Smoked Duck Breast (S$8.5/-) and Quinoa Summer (S$7.80/-), we found ourselves coming back to this seemingly simple salad yet it packed such fresh flavours that made it a pleasing fare to finish it.

Apart from the visually appealing vibrant colours, we liked that the salad was fresh and crisp and the coarseness of the brown rice added a layer of dimension to its textures. The pomegranate seeds added just provided that much desired refreshing twist to bring the salad alive!

Roasted chicken and avocado croissant | S$7.0/-

While the sandwiches were chilled to retain the freshness of the ingredients, feel free to approach the counter staffs to have them heat up your pastries just so you get to enjoy the crispness of the croissant pastry. Roasted chicken and avocado, a combination that you cannot go wrong with, we enjoyed the generous filling and freshness of the ingredients.

Tandoori chicken wrap | S$8.80/-

Wraps have gone on to become a popular substitute for one's carbs and the flavourful Tandoori Chicken wrap was a worthy try. Packing in chunks of chicken breast, the meat was moistened by the accompanying light mayonnaise dressing. Sliced in the middle to form two portions, we thought that it was rather filling. My only concern was that the wrap was a little too thick for my personal preference, which resulted in a slightly starchy taste. This was compensated by the fresh greens and protein on the inside.

Chicken stew | S$4.80/-

If you are feeling under the weather or just have a preference for a light lunch, the soups are definitely worth your calories. We preferred the wild mushroom (S$5.80/-) and the hearty chicken stew which individually packed quality ingredients where you could taste the depth of the simple soups. 

Salmon and asparagus quiche | S$5.80/-

For the quiches, one could also choose from Chicken Ham or the Spinach & Mushroom, both priced similarly at S$5.80 per slice. While I thought that this would form a value deal if you included this as the top-up item at an additional S$3, it might be a stretch for me personally at its original price. The salmon and asparagus quiche we tried was rather flat in terms of flavours and the savoury custard could do with a thicker filling. 

Muffins | S$3.80 - 4.80/-

There was quite an assortment of sweet and savoury muffins to choose from with the former ranging from your usual double chocolate to cinnamon apple flavours. The savoury options which are all priced at S$4.80 have interesting combinations such as sun-dried tomato and mozzarella, feta cheese & black olive. For the ones tried, I thought that the savoury options are worthy tries though I would have preferred it better if it was slightly more moist.

Free-flow wholemeal bread

For those who are not mindful of carbs, there was a tray of wholemeal bread slices that are offered to customers on a free-flow basis to complement your soup! 

Now that we have got away with the mains and the savouries, let us move on to the sweet treats!

Raisin danish | S$2.80/-

By the time we tried the pastries, it was slightly softened and lacked the crispness which by now should be a given when it comes to baked treats. It could however be due to the fact that we visited in the evenings and we were advised by the staffs to have the pastries heated up, well that definitely took a toll on the freshness.

Lemon curd tart | S$5.80/-

For the tarts, it might have a love-hate relationship for some. With a relatively hard and defined crust, it might not suit the palate of everyone. While the lemon curd could do with a stronger tang, it was smooth and would go down well with a nice cup of fresh brew.

Apple crumble tart | S$5.80/-

One of the few desserts served slightly warm, we thought that the crumble tarts tasted rather pedestrian and would be an easy pair if you are after a simple dessert fix.

Summberbery yoghurt tart | S$5.80/-

For those who frequent the cafes, you might have come across this tart. A relatively light yoghurt base juxtaposing the firm crust of the tart, the sweetness of the summerberries would please the palates of most. 

Spotting a casual dining ambience, Foodology Fresh is popular during the day with its breakfast and lunch offerings. With other health snacks such as granola bars or quinoa chips in ready-to-go packs, it definitely suits the interests and convenience of the health-conscious who work in the area. 

With a minimum order of S$20, customers could even enjoy the luxury of having fresh food delivered to their offices if they are located at Amoy Street, Club Street, Tras Street, Ann Siang Hill, Maxwell Road, Erskine Road and Tanjong Pagar Road. 

Overall Verdict: 6.5/10

Foodology Fresh
45 Maxwell Road, URA Centre
Singapore 069118
Operating hours: 0800 - 1800hrs
Tel: (+65) 6223 9724

P.S: Special thanks to Jaslyn for the invitation and the team for being such a great host! 

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