[SG] Pie Face | world's largest pie chain opens in Singapore

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Established in 2003, the Sydney brand of 'Pie Face' is known for baking its gourmet pies from scratch. Having nurtured much success in Australia, the brand has now arrived in Singapore with two new stores at 313@Somerset and Bugis Village!

Personally, I find that the pie scene in Singapore is regrettably less vibrant than the Western countries such as UK for instance. When we were living there, it seemed like every other city has its fair share of chain and local bakeries that labelled themselves as pie bakers. The truth is, most of them are pretty decent to warrant a second visit. After returning to Singapore, the only other place that we would frequent is Don's Pie, which similarly offers the puff pastry.

What sets Pie Face apart lies in the preparation of its dough, which takes three days to prepare. The special blend of butter is folded to create 48 layers which is actually the key to producing a good pie pastry.

Chicken & Mushroom Pie | S$4.90/-

Comprising chicken breast, mushroom and garlic, the rich and thick cream makes it a worthy try for those creamy pie lovers. While we enjoyed the golden-brown delicious crust, we felt that the surface layer could have been slightly more crisp.

Chunky Steak Pie | S$5.20/-

With chunks of beef braised with onions, garlic and a brown gravy, this would please the palates of those who have a preference for stronger flavours.

Thai Chicken Curry Pie | S$4.90/-

In an attempt to introduce some Asian-inspired flavours, Pie Face has the Thai Chicken Curry flavour which packs chicken meat, carrots, onion, garlic and coconut milk. For those who might be concerned about heat, be assured that it is minimal, quite frankly, we struggled to taste any spiciness, if any!

Tandoori Vegetable Pie | S$4.90/-

For the veg-lovers, expect a blend of carrots, capsicum and mixed beans lusciously coated in a classic Tandoori sauce. Once again, the heat level has been adjusted to suit the palate of most. 

Cheese Stick | S$1.90/-

One of the highlights was the cheese stick and also the almond stick in the following picture. While it was slightly greasy, the flavours were strong and bold so this would be a must-try for cheese-lovers!

Almond Stick | S$ 1.90/-

Between the two pastry sticks, I personally preferred the almond stick better due to my general preference for sweet treats! Almost like almond curd on the inside, the flavours were outstanding and drew me back for a second mouthful!

Chicken Sausage Roll / Chicken & Cheese Sausage Roll | S$3.80/-

It would be hard to resist the sausage pastries as the firm sausage contrasted the flaky pastry perfectly in terms of textures. Flavours wise, the melted cheese made it a favourite for everyone at the table!

Dessert Pies | S$3.30/each

After the savoury treats, it is time to fix one's sweet tooth craving with their range of dessert pies. With eight flavours offered, one could choose from the house's favourites of chocolate, pecan, lemon pie to others such as apple crumble, green tea, coffee, butterscotch and strawberry!

Our vote goes to the pecan pie though the lemon and butterscotch are also favourites at the table. 

Among the pies and pastries, Pie Face also has some fragrant coffee to go along with fresh brew starting from S$4, a perfect accompaniment to both the savoury and sweet pies!

Spotting a casual dining ambience, the concept would definitely draw the younger crowd, especially with the various adorable facial expressions atop each pie. Apart from serving the purpose of identifying the pies (with Chicken pie = C smile; Steak = S mouth; Curry = O; Vegetable = V), a noticeable trend was to do selfies with the pies! (well....not quite something we are capable of unfortunately)

Located at the Basement 3 of 313@Somerset, it would not be long before we spot another queue forming, just metres away from the one at Llao Llao!

Overall Verdict: 7.0/10

Pie Face
313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895

P.S. Special thanks to Natasha for the invitation and the team for hosting! 

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