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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Serving modern contemporary cuisine with a fusion of flavours from Europe and Asia, PappaSan is a cosy corner tucked at the fringe of the hipster neighborhood of Outram/Keong Saik area. Partaking the Christmas festivities, they have also launched a special set for Christmas celebrations, perfect for group gatherings!

Watermelon Sangria Tapas Fiesta (S$98++ for two persons, S$438++ for 10 persons and above) 

Bright and cheery, all ready for the festive season!

Beef Tenderloin Skewers 

Tender cubes of tenderloin were well-marinated, and grilled to perfection while retaining the juiciness within.

Crusted Chicken Rice Balls

These were interesting with diced chicken in deep fried rice balls, and unlike the typical rice ball I was expecting, this was filled mostly with chicken instead of the boring carbs.

Prawns with Tomato & Italian Gremolata

Succulent prawns sautéed with tomato sauce, topped with a slight lemon zest for a refreshing touch!
Home-cured Salmon

A worthy appetiser, I like the varied textures in a mouthful with the cold dish being a good start to kick off the feast! 

Tortilla Chips with Salsa

This was a majorly addictive one, with light crisp tortilla chips likened to that of filo pastry sheets. A simple dish done well!

While this portion was meant for hosting quite a large group of us, their usual package is available for two persons, with more than enough variety to keep us satisfied! This was also inclusive of the watermelon sangria, a refreshing pairing with tapas selections.

(Not featured in the photos for this set are the Lemongrass Chicken Wings and NZ Clams in Chadonnay Cream Sauce)

First time here at PappaSan, we were treated to some other signature dishes that stole the show with its finishing touches served at the table.

Snow Mountain Baked Fish (S$48)
Baked whole ocean mullet in a mountain of salt, stuffed in garlic, onion, ginger, lemongrass and chili. Served with lemon wedges and special sauce

Adding the finishing touch of flaming the dish just upon serving, this was quite a show-stopper. Encrusted in salt to retain moisture in its flesh, it reminded me of the spectacular one we've had at Rochor Thai earlier. This too, had tender soft flesh, and had a specially concocted sauce that was slightly sweet, savoury and a touch of spice for the perfect pairing.

Portuguese Roast Suckling Pig (S$79 for quarter portion, S$268 for combo) 
Roasted Crispy Suckling pig marinated in Portuguese special herbs, served with potato, mixed vegetables, coleslaw and fried mantou
Presented as a whole, it was pretty depressing to see the dish in its actual form :( 

To show how crisp it was, this was cut up with a porcelain plate and according to the Spanish tradition, smashing the plate symbolized throwing away bad luck and while integrated with the Singaporean way, what we do is to say "Huat ah!"

Suckling pigs are typically slaughtered between the ages of two to six weeks old, and it tends to contain much collagen at such tender age, hence its meat tends to be gelatinous.

I liked the combination with pork slices sandwiched between the crisp fried mantou that wasn't too oily, with a refreshing crunch from the coleslaw to lend balance to the dish. It is typical though, for suckling pigs to have a more distinct pork flavour than most pork cuts, hence it might take some getting used to. If you're a fan of suckling pigs, this would be a good choice with its crackling skin and tender moist meat.

(Advanced order is required)

Molten Chocolate Cake

All good meals have to end with a sweet treat, and this was a classic one, added with Grand Marnier and mango cubes. This was just a tad too sweet for my liking, though the molten chocolate was far too tempting to resist.

A cosy space with comfy sofas, this is a great spot for small group gatherings and celebrations. We loved the hospitable and prompt service, with attentive staff to refill drinks and a warm touch as they were adding the finishing touches to the dishes while serving.

And if you've gotten The Entertainer App, PappaSan is one of the new merchants on board The Entertainer Singapore 2015. So all the more to enjoy with their 1-for-1 deals!

Overall Verdict: 7.5/10

PappaSan Restaurant
333 New Bridge Road #01-01
Singapore 088765
Dorsett Hotel Singapore 

P.S. Thanks to Rachel and the PappaSan team for hosting us! 

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