[SG] The Manhattan FISH MARKET | revamped menu with 43 new items to delight!

Monday, November 10, 2014

The first thing that comes to my mind whenever I think of The Manhattan FISH MARKET? It has got to be the classic Fish & Chips. Key highlights of its newly revamped menu however, was nothing like the classic. Themed New and Bolder, the revamped menu brings bolder flavours across, with a refreshing selection available.

Happiness Infusion (S$6) 
Sampling portion

A new addition to the menu, its name alone make it sound tempting. An earl grey based drink, infused with lemongrass topped with strawberry and lychee. I liked how the flavours were well-balanced, and didn't taste any bit artificial. The subtle fragrance of earl grey came through for a refreshing, calming drink. 

Citrus Mint (S$5.50)

With lemon and mint smoothie, it's almost hard to go wrong with this refreshing combination. A great  choice to down any strong flavours and cleanse your palate, helping you get ready for second rounds! This was available previously, and remains on its hot favourites in its beverage menu.

Oyster Roulette (S$7.95 for 4 shooters)

Fire up your dining session with this game of luck! Containing poached oysters in their specially-concocted spicy sauce, 1 out of 4 shooters contains a fiery kick that's bound to get you downing ice water or some of their coolers! It was shiok, though a tad too overwhelming for me. An interesting game to start off an engaging dinner session, special requests can be made for all to be changed to the extra spicy version too!

Onion Glory (S$7.95)

A different rendition of the onion rings we're so familiar with, its presentation impresses blooming with the full glory of the onion slices. I was expecting a sharp onion taste but this came through subtly, a good thing for non-onion fans like myself. It reminded us of the Typhoon Bloom at Outback Steakhouse, though the batter was slightly different with an addictive crisp and marinade.  

Ocean Gems (S$5.95)

A non-salad lover, I shunned this initially, only to be surprised by the sweet dressing that made it taste slightly like yusheng, with the ingredients replaced by seafood. With shredded cucumber and carrot to lend a crunchy texture, I loved the generous serving of prawns and scallops in this.   

Curry Hill Seafood (S$16.95 with slipper lobster, S$14.95 with tiger prawns)

Inspired by Murray Hill in Manhattan, or commonly known as Curry Hill by New Yorkers as the area is famed for its Indian cuisine, this packs a bold curry flavour with rich spices in its broth. I would have preferred a spicier kick, though this was just good enough to be able to savor the freshness of the seafood without the overpowering spice. Accompanying crispy baguette and battered veggie sticks were perfect as dips to go along! 

Fishy Chicky Bang Bang (S$13.95)

Have you ever felt undecided between two dishes yet not wanting to order both due to limited stomach space? This always happens to me and I was pleasantly surprised to find this dish meant for the fickle like me. With a dory fillet on one side and chicken fillet on the other, with cheddar cheese sandwiched in between, enjoy the best of both worlds in every bite! 

Nestling the sunny-side-up in what seemed like the Indian snack muruku, is a bed of fried spaghetti that's too pretty to destroy! An interesting texture and pairing, a dish that's probably gonna be a hot favourite amongst kids. 

Flaming Cheeesy Baked Rice (S$15.95)

Adding the flaming touch just before serving

A comforting dish with its signature herbed rice, the flame-grilled dory fillet lies on top and lends its flowy juices and flavour to the rice below. I loved the fragrance of the rice, with succulent soft dory and the right balance of cheese so that it didn't overpower the dish. A simple baked rice done well! 

Ocean Perch Perfect (S$15.95)

Another seemingly simple dish with perch fillet and sambal, the combination reminded me of a very homely dish. The sambal was pleasantly addictive, making it a good old comfort food. 

Strawberry Flamin-Go (S$4.95)

With marshmallows flamed atop, strawberry slices and mango pudding cubes filled out the cup with chocolate sauce at the bottom. Bound to delight any kids at the table, I liked that the mango pudding wasn't too sweet, and the chocolate sauce wasn't overpowering either. 

Super Fruit Crumble (S$4.95)

Likened to that of an apple crumble, dig your way through to the bottom for a taste of varied textures and fruit compote for that sweet touch. I liked the caramelized crumbly bits that were generously spread throughout the dish, with vanilla ice cream to balance out the sweetness. 

If you're looking to avoid the crowd or long queues that we often see at Manhattan, do check out their latest outlet at Kallang Wave Mall with very spacious and comfortable seating. Perfect for young families with a vibrant setting and kids-friendly menu, we were also greeted by very friendly service crew who were extremely attentive.

It's typically hard for restaurants to come up with new seasonal dishes and to come up with 43 new items is certainly a feat! These items will be available from 12 November 2014 onwards at all outlets.

Overall Verdict: 7.5/10

The Manhattan FISH MARKET
Kallang Wave Mall #01-09
Singapore 397628
Tel: (+65) 6702 6244
Website: www.manhattanfishmarket.com

P.S. Much thanks to Ying Ying and team, as well as Yi Ling and team for a lovely preview of these creations! 

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